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Missions is at the heart of God. He is a missionary, sending His own Son, Jesus Christ, from Heaven to Earth for the purpose (or mission) of giving Himself as a sacrifice for sin so the those who believe in Him can be rescued from the penalty of sin, and instead enjoy eternal relationship with God.

Similarly, Jesus has charged His church with the task of being on 'mission' "go into all the world, making disciples of every nation..." (Matt 28: 19-20).

At Glenbrook Baptist Church we believe that every Christian is a missionary - not just those who do it full-time in other parts of the world.

GBC supports and is inolved in the following mission initiatives:

Overseas Mission:

  • Financial and prayer support for our overseas missionary partners

National Mission:

  • Partnership and support with Cobah Baptist Church
  • Mobile Mission Maintenance

Regional Mission:

  • Serving the homeless and needy of Sydney through the Baptist NSW 'Hope Street' Ministry
  • Greater West for Christ

Local Mission:

  • Helping Hands - pastoral care, food hampers and community support to the Lower Blue Mountains
  • Blaxland High School Ministry
  • Glenbrook Festival